We all know conversion rates are important. After all, nothing in life is free, and for our brand to prosper our marketing campaigns must generate more income than we spent making them. To achieve this, your marketing team must have these four things in place at all times:

1) Set clearly defined and relevant KPIs FOR YOUR CAMPAIGN

The basics need to be in place before you do anything else. Remember that there has to be a correlation between the strategic business goals and the marketer's key performance indexes. Most brands lack clearly defined goals, which means the marketing department is making shots in the dark.

Before you do anything else, have a look at the marketing team’s KPIs and see if they are aligned with the overall strategic goals of the business. If you don’t have any KPIs for your marketing team, you should get started on that right away, but if you do, make sure your marketers know what they are and understand how they can work to improve them.  

2) Learn and understand YOUR Analytics

You might be paying some marketing company to take care of your analytics account, but that doesn’t mean you are off the hook. Analytics is such a big deal in today’s consumer market that you just have to understand how it works and how you can improve your company’s search visibility.


You need to own your analytics account and demand full transparency from any partner involved. This point is simply non-negotiable. If you are involved in marketing, you should understand your own analytics and numbers, and take the necessary steps with or without your agency involved.

3) Schedule your campaigns  SMART 

Make use of relevant data to target your audience better. For example: choose specific geographical areas and schedule your campaigns to go live at times when you know your prospective buyers are active.

Pushing out generic ads to an undefined target group isn't only expensive, it also annoys the consumers and weakens your brand.


4) Personalize the content EFFICIENTLY 

To really boost the conversion rate, you should personalize the ad content. Make sure you always have these questions in mind when you are creating campaigns:

  • Who are you talking to?

Remember to always have your target audience in mind when you are creating a campaign. Brands very often focus on what they want to communicate to the consumers, rather than what the consumers are interested in hearing. Make sure everyone on the marketing team has a clear understanding of your buyer persona; how they talk, which social media channels they prefer, at what time of day they are most perceptive to advertisement. After you have made some ad suggestions, take a step back and look at them from a buyer persona perspective.

  • Will everyone see the same message?

You might have a large target audience, but that doesn’t mean everyone responds to the same message. Filtrate your buyer personas and customize your content accordingly.

  • Where in the buyer's journey are they?

Have they visited your site many times? Have they made a decision to purchase something, but haven’t decided between you and your competitor? Are they just browsing?

Tailoring your ad to the consumer's buyer journey is important. Maybe they need some more information before they are ready to buy something: that’s when you hit them with informative content.

  • What mode are they in?

If your target audience typically works in an office from 9 am to 5 pm, they probably won’t be in buying mode in this time interval. That doesn’t mean you can’t advertise to them during the day, just remember to adjust the content to their mood.    

So there you have it, four tips on how you can increase the conversion rate. Want to learn more about good content creation? Have a look at our guide about dynamic creatives: