2018 is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start planning your campaigns for next year. The digital marketing industry is changing rapidly. Marketers are constantly introduced to new trends and technologies that vastly impact their work and performance, and 2018 will be no exception. Here are seven trends you should prepare for:

1. Dynamic content production

Dynamic or smart content changes according to set criteria. Marketers can show ads based on consumer behavior, tailor content to fit the time of day or target viewers with specific interests. The technology is already widely used for retargeting purposes, but marketers will likely try to explore more of the available possibilities in the coming year.


2. Real-time marketing

We will also see more of real-time marketing. The consumers expect ads and campaigns to give accurate and updated information. The ability to make changes in real time will enable marketers to display prices and stock in their ads. They can also take advantage of social happenings to a greater extent, creating social engagement and brand awareness.


3. Augmented and mixed reality

Marketers have tried to utilize augmented and mixed reality in their ads a few times, but the technology hasn’t been accessible enough for it to be used at scale. However, the tech industry is pushing the development of this technology quite aggressively, so it's worth paying attention to in 2018.

4. 360 videos

360 videos, on the other hand, have become quite common in the marketing world already. The necessary equipment is low cost, and the consumers have the technology to access it. Your team should definitively play around with different solutions and ideas including 360 videos because come next year it will be everywhere.

5. Quality content over quantity 

The last couple of years have been all about accumulating as much content as possible. Both search engines and social media platforms have rewarded this marketing strategy with higher search engine rankings and better click through rates. This has resulted in an abundance of click-baiting articles and content with no value what so ever.

The consumers are sick of it, and so Google and Facebook have both taken measures to promote quality over quantity. Penalizing articles with typical click-baiting titles and that overuse keywords. If you are producing content at a pace that makes it impossible for your team to ensure quality, you should probably hold back in the coming year.

6. Personalized banner ads

Marketers finally have the tools to give thousands and even millions of consumers the opportunity to experience their ads in a customized and personalized way. You can show them content based on their stage of the buyer's journey, you can appeal to their personal interests and offer exclusive deals. The time of irrelevant ads and general messages is over. It’s time to stop annoying the consumers and start treating them like the valuable potential customers they are. It’s the only way you can get decent ROI on your banner ads in the future.


7. Live video 

2017 was the year the market discovered live videos. Both marketers and consumers loved it, so 2018 will be all about figuring out how we best track and profit from this trend. The technology will probably undergo some changes especially on social media platforms, for example, it is already possible to save live videos on Instagram, so make sure to keep your team updated.

Interested in learning more about creating dynamic content? Check out the guide we wrote. It’s completely free: