Hoda Amel Abdalla

Hoda is Chief Operating Officer at TACTIC Real-Time Marketing and the head of Client Relation department. She is an ad-tech specialist with extensive knowledge in dynamic and data-driven advertising. She recently moved to Norway after working for an ad-tech Fortune 500-company in the United States.
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How to best manage your marketing campaigns

By Hoda Amel Abdalla 16. January 2018

The term campaign management is often associated with the task of organizing and monitoring live campaigns, and as a result, marketers often neglect duties like tracking, analyzing and implementing improvements. Here is how you best manage your marketing campaigns.

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Temaer: Automation, ROI, Marketing

How to Avoid Creative Platform Pitfalls

By Hoda Amel Abdalla 24. August 2017

People often cringe when introduced to the concept of using a creative platform. They believe that they will have to suffer through yet another mass-production system that limits creative capabilities.

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Temaer: ROI, Automation

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