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Jørgen is Chief Commercial Officer and one of the founders of TACTIC Real-Time Marketing. He possesses extensive knowledge about marketing, sales, programmatic advertising and has great ideas about the future of advertising. Since the launch of TACTIC, he has onboarded big Nordic brands and is now responsible for the client expansion and commercial activities in for the Nordic countries.
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Are your marketing campaigns stalking the consumers?

By Jørgen Aanonsen 2. January 2018

As a consumer, I appreciate getting a friendly reminder about items I’ve left in an online shopping cart, but never bought. Sometimes I make a decision about not buying set items due to shipping cost or delivery time, but more often than not I am just waiting on my paycheck to come before clicking the purchase button.  

What I do not appreciate, however, is when I have looked at an item a single time, and afterwards it stalks me through all my social channels. In this blog post I will discuss the most common do’s and don’ts of retargeting.

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How to prepare your marketing team for the New Year

By Jørgen Aanonsen 26. December 2017

New Year’s is just around the corner which means it’s time to review the successes and failures of the past year and begin planning for future marketing campaigns. Here are our tips on how you should prepare your marketing team for 2018:

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How to market to people on vacation

By Jørgen Aanonsen 5. December 2017

The holiday season is nearly upon us, and for many, that means taking time off work to indulge in rewarding activities, one of them being shopping. Although consumers love to spend money, we are entering a difficult period for marketers. The season of giving is chaotic, and competition is fierce. Here are a few tips on how to best market to people on vacation:

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What is marketing automation?

By Jørgen Aanonsen 28. November 2017

The term marketing automation refers to the process of automating marketing tasks. This could be tasks like sending emails, adding subscribers to specific lists or determining if leads are ready to be approached by the sales team.

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4 tips that will improve your AdWords campaigns

By Jørgen Aanonsen 21. November 2017

Almost all businesses that have committed to some sort of digital presence have an AdWords account. And that’s just it: most do it because everyone else does it, without having clear goals, structure or strategy.

In this blog post, I will skip the technical stuff of how you set up an AdWords account and jump right to how you best streamline your efforts, because, ultimately, that is what differentiates the experts from the novices in the world of AdWords.

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7 e-commerce trends that will be useful this fall

By Jørgen Aanonsen 14. November 2017

Staying ahead of your competitors is key to being successful in e-commerce. We have seen radical shifts in technology and consumer behaviour in recent years, . Therefore, it's crucial for marketers to stand ready to embrace and take advantage of the latest digital channels and create social engagement. Here are the e-commerce trends you need to know this fall:

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11 signs you should hang up your marketing hat

By Jørgen Aanonsen 31. October 2017

Working and succeeding in marketing is not always easy. Trends, technology, and consumer habits can change with the blink of an eye, which means marketers must stay alert and adapt quickly. Not everyone is cut out for it, and the brand suffers as a result. Here are 11 signs that you should hang up your marketing hat and do something else:

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How to combat banner blindness

By Jørgen Aanonsen 10. October 2017

Spending hours creating banner ads that almost everyone ignores can feel quite frustrating. Yet, we marketers keep doing it, and when views are low, click rates are lesser and conversions practically nonexistent, what do we do? We add a flashy message and switch the position of the ad as if the consumers missed it by accident.

Well, here is the sad truth: although the consumers are suffering from banner blindness, they very purposely ignored your work. So how can you make your work matter? Here are our best tips:  

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Help! My ad isn’t converting

By Jørgen Aanonsen 19. September 2017

I like to believe that all marketers do their best to create great ads that will both please and appeal to the consumers. Sure, sometimes we don’t have the time or budget to make exactly what we want, but overall we take pride in the work we do. That’s why it is so devastating when a campaign doesn’t perform.

But fear not, a few adjustments might do the trick. Here are some of the things you should consider if your ad isn’t converting:

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What marketers should know about Dynamic Data Feeds

By Jørgen Aanonsen 22. August 2017

In a dynamic world, it is almost impossible to manually produce relevant marketing content for every target group. This is where dynamic data feeds come in.

Dynamic data feeds is a feature that helps you deliver the most up-to-date information to your customers in real-time. It connects your data source directly to your banner ads, so that images, videos and other data is streamed automatically into the banners.

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