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Jelena is a Technical Writer. She also acts as an editor for texts written by members of other teams. She is responsible for TACTIC™ content, such as User Guides, Release Notes, UI, web page content and blog posts. Elena has an MA in English Philology and is originally a teacher of English.
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Get Personal with Your Ads

By Jelena Schmidt 26. September 2017

Delivering a universal message “to the City and to the World” usually doesn’t get you very far. People who are not your target audience will simply ignore it, while some of those who might have been interested will miss it altogether.

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Temaer: Marketing, ROI, Automation

How to Streamline your Workflow

By Jelena Schmidt 12. September 2017

A marketing team can only handle so much within the creative process, before it severely affects their performance. When your workflow becomes too complicated to remember and too costly to maintain, it’s time to optimize. Here is how:

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Temaer: ROI, Automation

Optimize your Campaigns in Real Time

By Jelena Schmidt 8. August 2017

Launching a marketing campaign takes a considerable amount of time and effort. However, maintaining the campaign once it is live requires just as much work, if not more. Which, unfortunately, means that a lot of marketers neglect the task of analyzing and optimizing their work while it is live. Here are our tips for campaign optimization in real time:

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Temaer: Marketing, Real-time, Automation

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