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Per Elling is Chief Executive Officer and one of the founders of TACTIC Real-Time Marketing. He has been in TACTIC Real-Time Marketing from the beginning and possesses substantial knowledge about the advertising industry. Also, he is a valuable resource to TACTICs expansion in the Nordic countries as well as for the future ambitions for the company.
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What is a Creative Management Platform good for?

By Per Elling Braseth-Ellingsen 24. April 2018

A Creative Management Platform (CMP) is a unique tool that lets you create digital marketing content with minimum effort. It automates creative production for digital campaigns and helps you publish targeted and tailor-made creative content.

With CMP, you can easily secure your brand's consistency and change the message across multiple platforms in real-time.

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What is a creative management platform?

By Per Elling Braseth-Ellingsen 12. March 2018

A Creative Management Platform (CMP) is a unique software solution that marketers use to effortlessly create and update digital content. Learn more here:

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How to better your brand’s campaign performance

By Per Elling Braseth-Ellingsen 9. January 2018

As a seasoned marketer, you’ve launched several campaigns. Some have performed, and others haven’t. You have analyzed, optimized and personalized your ads, and yet you feel like your campaigns could perform better in general. Here is how to take your brand’s campaign performance to the next level.

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The best holiday gifts you can give your marketing team

By Per Elling Braseth-Ellingsen 19. December 2017

December is a hectic time for marketers. They often prepare for this months in advance and dedicate a lot of time, effort and resources to make sure that your brand becomes the winner of the gift-giving season. So it’s practically a given that they deserve a little something special for their efforts from their marketing chief.

Many resort to the typical bottle of wine or gift card but if you want to get them something special that will improve their working day, you should check out these tips:

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7 Advertising trends you should prepare for in 2018

By Per Elling Braseth-Ellingsen 12. December 2017

2018 is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start planning your campaigns for next year. The digital marketing industry is changing rapidly. Marketers are constantly introduced to new trends and technologies that vastly impact their work and performance, and 2018 will be no exception. Here are seven trends you should prepare for:

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This is how you avoid campaign waste

By Per Elling Braseth-Ellingsen 24. October 2017

No one likes wasting money, especially not when our brand has trusted us marketers with money that we could have put to better use. And while it might be unlikely to think that you can eliminate all campaign waste, there are ways to prevent it.

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