Delivering a universal message “to the City and to the World” usually doesn’t get you very far. People who are not your target audience will simply ignore it, while some of those who might have been interested will miss it altogether.

Creating a too broad or generic ad message is a common problem in the marketing industry. People are flooded by ads from every electronic device around them, and have quickly learned to develop ad blindness to protect themselves. While you, as an advertiser, strive to deliver the message to as wide an audience as possible, the audience, ironically, is trying to dodge it.

So how do you deliver your universal message? The answer is, you don’t.

Create Custom Content

Instead of one ad to suite them all, advertisers should personalize their content. Creating several versions of your ads and tailoring them for specific customer groups is what gets you more notices and customer conversions.

We know, from extensive research, that even the smallest details matter when it comes to ad efficiency. For example, a survey of 1076 advertisers across 2184 campaigns found that company logos placed at the bottom right of square ads had an average conversion rate of 24%, while logos placed at the bottom left had 81% higher average conversion rate. To find out what works for your campaigns, you need to have several ad versions, preferably, with an option to update them in real time.


Flexible ad versioning gives you two major advantages

Firstly, after you create several versions of the ad, you can see which ones perform better, get more attention, result in more conversions. Ideally, if your Creative Management Platform (CMP) allows it, you can quickly update the ads that don’t perform well, tweak the message or the layout, change colors or images, - all of this within a few minutes, without taking your ads offline.

Secondly, you get to create customized ad versions with content aimed at specific audiences. A smart CMP lets you vary your creative content depending on the age, location, occupation or hobbies of your target groups within a single marketing campaign. With the right tool, you wouldn’t need any particular design or programming skills – a simple and intuitive interface is very easy to use. This means you could  focus on the creative side of the task instead of dealing with complicated technical details.

Personalized Ads for Every Customer

Fine tuning of message relevance and creative optimization lets marketers achieve a conversion rate increase of at least 20-30%.

To make sure your ads reach the right audience in time, you need clever software that lets you  optimize the creative content of your whole campaign in real time. You should also be able to  quickly adapt your message for different target groups and stages in the buyer’s journey. A well-chosen CMP helps you deliver the right messages to the right people.