I like to believe that all marketers do their best to create great ads that will both please and appeal to the consumers. Sure, sometimes we don’t have the time or budget to make exactly what we want, but overall we take pride in the work we do. That’s why it is so devastating when a campaign doesn’t perform.

But fear not, a few adjustments might do the trick. Here are some of the things you should consider if your ad isn’t converting:

Does your ad look untrustworthy?

According to Adkeeper 57 % of study participants were afraid of receiving spam from advertisers or of getting a virus and, 54 % mentioned that they don’t trust the banner ads they see.

So if you are getting a low click rate it might be because your ad looks fishy. Maybe the content isn’t properly scaled or it looks too much like spam, or it can even be that your brand doesn’t create trust. Nothing says amateur like a logo out of place. In any case you can quickly find out, make changes to the design in real- time and keep an eye on the conversions. Just remember that click through rates are notoriously low for display ads, 0.06% if we are to believe Display Benchmarks Tool.  

Are you targeting the wrong people?  

In addition to perceiving ads as untrustworthy users claim that 58 % of the banners shown to them online aren’t relevant. This stat baffles me because we in our time possess so much information about user behavior that creating relevant ads shouldn’t be a problem. If your team cannot say, with a hundred percent certainty, that they are targeting the right people with the right message, you need to go over your work, collect more data and make changes to your campaigns.  

Timing is everything

Stop and ask yourself how the timing of your campaign is. Marketers often get stuck in a bubble, forgetting how quickly the world outside can change. Of course, you are prepared for the big events that come every year like Christmas, Black Friday, and public holidays, but what about sudden events like natural disasters, political scandals and terror attacks?  

The world of marketing is agile, fast moving and ever shifting. Your team needs to be on their toes and be ready to make real-time changes.   


Even the little things impact your ad’s performance when it comes to timing. Moving back to the statistics 31 % of the participants said they only want to click ads when they're in the mood or interested in looking at them. Which means you have to ask yourself: is it likely that people buy consumer product during office hours, or that they want software demos during the weekend?  

Ad placement matters

Last, but not least, don’t forget that ad placement matters. People read in an F-shape, mostly ignoring anything on the right side of a web page. If you are having trouble getting people to notice your ad, you can try changing the placement of it, preferably somewhere on top of, or in the middle of the page. These spots are of course a lot more expensive, but then again so is paying for an ad that no one sees. Return on investment should always be a priority for your marketing team.


I hope these tips helped you increase the conversion rate of your ad. Consumers can be tricky to understand sometimes, so the most important thing is to keep trying, analyze and optimize. Good luck!

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