As a seasoned marketer, you’ve launched several campaigns. Some have performed, and others haven’t. You have analyzed, optimized and personalized your ads, and yet you feel like your campaigns could perform better in general. Here is how to take your brand’s campaign performance to the next level.

Research keyword

Keywords aren’t just necessary for a successful AdWords campaign. They are crucial building blocks and should be the foundation of every single piece of advertisement you create for your brand.

Keywords tell you what the consumers are looking for, the questions they have and their interest. They indicate how you should communicate with your target audience. That’s why you have to know which keywords they are using, not just the ones specific to your brand, but everything that has to do with your industry and products. The only way to do that is to conduct a keyword analysis.


Take measures against ad fraud

Ad fraud is a big problem in the programmatic buying world. Bots can not only create fake impressions and clicks but also fill out forms and “convert.” In addition, we have the “human traffic” scams, which for example stack ads on top of each other so that they all get views while only one is visible.

Unfortunately, there is currently no way to eliminate the risk of ad fraud, which means you as a marketer must pay attention to signs of fraud in your campaigns and take preventative measures. Here are some red flags to look out for:  

  • Unusually high amount of impressions, clicks or conversions
  • Publishers or partners who refuse to be transparent about their work
  • Domains with an unknown name AND very high amounts of, for example, impressions
  • Use of second rate or unknown exchanges
  • The amount of ad space a site is selling doesn’t add up with ads displayed
  • Sites with poorly made content

Exclude clichés from your ad messages

Just because an ad message succeeded in the past, doesn’t mean it will be as effective in the future. Even the best statements and pictures become clichés eventually. Clichés don’t impress or impact the consumers. They have seen the message before, and they will soon forget it along with your ad and brand.

Don’t be afraid to try something new. Consumers love brands who dare to be different. Take advantage of current events and show your target audience that you care about their interests. Remember that the message isn’t just about your wording, but your use of fonts and images as well.

Enable your team to make real-time changes

It often doesn’t take a lot of time before we see if a campaign is successful or not. Implementing changes to a failing campaign, however, can be time-consuming. The world of digital advertising is fast paced, so if you want the option to save a live campaign, you have to be able to make changes in real-time.

Include a call-to-action

All your campaigns should be equipped with a call-to-action (CTA). A good CTA will grab the attention of the viewers encourage them to take action and increase your conversion rate.

Be aware of the message your CTA conveys. Make it short and clear and tailor it to a person's buyer's journey. If a consumer is discovering your brand for the very first time, it is unreasonable to expect them to click a “buy now” button immediately. No, they might want to “Learn more” “Download a free guide” or “Get input.” The text should correspond to the overall message of your ad.