The digital revolution has severely affected our day-to-day life, especially when it comes to how we execute our work assignments. While our end goal might be the same as a decade ago (to get more customers), we now more than ever have to embrace technology to reach it.

Automation might be a familiar term in the industrial world, but in the marketing sector it's still quite new. Nevertheless, advertisement automation is a valuable asset in our digital world. The ability to automate processes is crucial if you aim to increase productivity as well as reduce production costs.

Make use of templates

For most marketers, manually producing ads and campaigns is a time-consuming and costly process. Particularly if there are several partners involved who slow down the speed-to-market. And let’s not forget those technical add-ons, such as calculators, which often have to be developed from scratch every time new data is implemented.

Templates will reduce the production time and simultaneously secure the company’s brand safety. Additionally, time spent implementing changes in technical elements such as calculators will be reduced to seconds, because the data is adjusted automatically. The dynamic creatives can also be reused, increasing productivity in future campaigns. Another feature is the possibility to schedule banner ads to appear at a set time automatically. This will help reach your audience with relevant content at the right time.

The world is becoming more digital, and companies are becoming more tech-savvy. Automated product feed features make it possible to focus on a particular consumer group. If you want to present a relevant and vibrant content to the audience group, the opportunity to modify your content and alter the different ads is crucial.

So what about creativity?

Automation will not reduce the need for creativity in any way. Creativity is the necessary fuel when making great dynamic content that will appeal to your audience and creating social engagement. Combining creativity with automation enables you to reach your audience at the right time.

In a dynamic world, companies have to be able to change their content rapidly to always stay socially relevant. Be aware that you may encounter both internal and external resistance. After all, automation is challenging the traditional advertisement methodology, by providing companies with the ability to be more involved and obtain control of the process.

However, in the future, automation will no longer be optional, but essential for those who want to deliver powerful content to their audience, on the right day, at the right time.

Do you want to learn more about dynamic creatives? Have a look at our checklist, to see if it’s something for you or your marketing department.

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