Launching a marketing campaign takes a considerable amount of time and effort. However, maintaining the campaign once it is live requires just as much work, if not more. Which, unfortunately, means that a lot of marketers neglect the task of analyzing and optimizing their work while it is live. Here are our tips for campaign optimization in real time:

After a campaign is launched, you need to collect performance data, analyze it, and make adjustments accordingly. The need to update a campaign may occur at any time, and when it does, you need to act fast, so that the campaign doesn’t fall short of its mark. You want to make sure that your message stays relevant and reaches the targeted audience in time, and you want to update it as seamlessly as possible. This is where your marketing process gets put to test, and any inefficiencies and shortcomings are exposed.

Time to Refine

As time passes, your workflow grows bulkier and more difficult to manage. New procedures are added, while others become redundant. Before it becomes unmanageable, you need to tidy up.

Once in a while, you need to review and optimize your marketing process to drop the parts that have become redundant, speed some things up, and introduce new technologies that will help you handle the campaigns faster, with less effort and bigger outcome.

When it comes to post-launching activities, updating creatives can be really complicated and time-consuming. It may not be easy to stop a live campaign, yet running a campaign with creatives that do not deliver an accurate message means losing time and money. But what if there was a way to optimize the process? What if you could make adjustments to creatives in real time, without interrupting the live campaign?


Real-time campaign optimization is actually easy to achieve, provided you have the right tool. A Creative Management Platform that allows real-time campaign management can influence your whole marketing strategy and help you free up time for planning and creativity, while drastically reducing the effort spent on updating the campaigns. With a platform like that, you can easily optimize your creative content for the whole campaign in real time and quickly adapt your message for different target groups. Fine tuning of message relevance and creative optimization will let your company achieve an increase in conversion rates, while freeing up resources.

Plan Better, Earn More

Optimizing a creative campaign in real time helps you make sure the right message reaches the right people in time.

With a real-time campaign optimization tool, updating your creatives becomes a matter of a few clicks, and the campaign stays live the whole time. You can rest assured that the company won’t  lose profit due to outdated or incorrect campaigns. Also, as you look at the campaign performance data, you can make the adjustments at once, nice and easy.