December is a hectic time for marketers. They often prepare for this months in advance and dedicate a lot of time, effort and resources to make sure that your brand becomes the winner of the gift-giving season. So it’s practically a given that they deserve a little something special for their efforts from their marketing chief.

Many resort to the typical bottle of wine or gift card but if you want to get them something special that will improve their working day, you should check out these tips:

Noise canceling headphones

Many teams now work in an open office space, and while this might be great for teamwork and exchanging ideas, it’s not optimal for activities that require a high level of focus. Although sound and noise are two different things, this distinction might not be the same to all your marketers. It depends on their personality, their mood, their age, the time of day and the activity they’re doing.

Noisy work environments will affect your team's performance, creativity, and health, so buying some noise canceling headphones will not only be a gift they appreciate, it will be a worthwhile investment.

Creative freedom

Creativity must be taught, practiced and tested like any other skill, but to excel in this field your team needs freedom to seek inspiration and try new ideas and concepts. I’m not saying that you should launch every campaign that your marketers present, but it's worth creating a creative environment, where your team is encouraged to try new things.

Google famously implemented the 20% philosophy giving their employees freedom to work on side project about one day during the week. Although the concept has been modified over the years, the idea of giving the employees creative space remains unchanged.  

A marketing automation tool

Marketing automation tools are about streamlining marketing tasks. It includes everything from simple email distribution to complex lead nurturing workflows.

Although your team might express concerns about adopting such software, I assure you it’s the gift they never knew they wanted. A marketing automation tool can be programmed to perform most of a marketer’s nitty gritty routine work so that your team can focus on tasks like designing new campaigns, optimizing live ads and brainstorming innovative ideas.

Just make sure that the software you choose is intuitive and doesn’t limit your team’s creativity.   

Time and resources to learn a new skill

Marketing is an agile industry that changes according to new trends and technologies. Not everything can be learned by scrolling through articles on the internet. Educating your team can be a good investment, and while you might not commit to every innovative solution in your industry, it’s important that you have enough knowledge to make an informed decision.   

There are plenty of free certifications and tutorials available online, in addition, you can set up internal workshops so that employees can learn skills from each other. The important thing is that you make it a requirement so that the brand doesn’t miss out on great opportunities.  

A creative management platform

Campaign management is becoming one of the biggest challenges for modern marketing teams. It’s hard to keep track with campaigns spread across a multitude of platforms, DSPs, and exchanges, and poor organization rarely breeds success.


A creative management platform (CMP) streamlines your creative process and helps you produce, publish and distribute your ads. It will enable your team to speed up time to market, schedule campaigns across channels and make changes in real-time. A gift that will benefit both the marketers and your brand.

Want to learn more about automated content creation? Download the guide we wrote on dynamic creatives. It’s completely free: