Social influencers can help a brand create engagement, expand reach and increase sales. Yet, even with this form of marketing, success is not a given. Here are the things you should consider as a marketer before hiring a social influencers.  

Why social influencer marketing is so effective

Social influencer marketing isn’t a new phenomenon. It’s essentially just paid word of mouth recommendations, and they are so effective because consumers heavily trust and value the opinions of the people around them. According to a Forrester report word-of-mouth recommendations were part of 80% of all purchase cycles in both B2C and B2B.

The consumers know that you like and recommend your product, but before purchasing anything, they want to hear it from someone else. This someone else is however not the same as anyone else. Choosing the right influencer for your brand and product is vital.

How to find the right influencers

It’s important that your target group trusts and looks up to your chosen influencer. Their target group should align with yours, but it should also make sense that they would recommend your product beyond the fact that it’s good. Having a fashion blogger write about office supplies will be too far out, but a lifestyle blogger who is heavily invested in her career could be a good match. Familiarize yourself with the influencers existing content and see if your brand has anything to do in that company.


You should also know how many followers or readers the influencer has across channels and how frequently they do promotions. It’s far better to work with a less established influencer with a growing number of followers who rarely post ads, than to use a famous name who has shot all credibility by accepting promotions at random. In the words of Steve Olesnki:

“The influencers with the largest audience aren’t always the ones that generate the best results. It all comes down to how much influence these people have in their industry.”

So how will you find these perfect influencers? Start with your own community. Who do the people in your industry follow? Who are considered experts? If Instagram is an attractive channel for your brand you can check out relevant hashtags. Do your research and find out who is blogging and vlogging about topics that are relevant to your brand.  

Focus on the content

Many brands fall through on this point, expecting that regular ad content will do the trick. Embrace the uniqueness that is influencer marketing and give the followers an engaging story. Just look at this beautiful example by Hallmark:


I seriously wonder if tiny things could mean so much to tiny people. A small and thoughtful gift could mean so much and then as the years pass by, offer a tangible reminder of thoughtfulness and connection. This gift signifies our first year of homeschooling together and means so much to us. I love a lot of the offerings from the @Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Collection. They have the sweetest small brass ornament hooks, Keepsake miniature trees for a child's playroom or bedroom, and darling, magical ornaments under two inches tall. SO sweet and makes a beautiful gift idea for a niece or nephew or child. Simple and thoughtful. When wrapped up in crinkle paper and a silk ribbon, they make for the smallest act of generosity plus the younger babe is generally just happy to have the crinkle paper. Win-win. Get yours via the link in my bio #KeepsakeIt Together #ad

Et innlegg delt av Johnna (@foxmeetsbear)

Partner with influencers that know how to deliver a message, either through photo, writing, or video. A talented influencer will know how to best communicate with their followers and come up with different creative suggestions. Take their ideas into consideration.

Dare to be creative

Safeguarding your brand is of course important regardless of the type of marketing activity you plan to do, but don’t play it too safe either. Consumers love companies who dare to be different and who are able to get a conversation going. Explore new technology, and don’t be afraid to put your product or company in the background. Mercedes-Benz created this wonderfully refreshing video in partnership with Loki the Wolfdog.

This creates social engagement!

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