We, marketers, spend a lot of time working on ad campaigns, and we know that everything from the color pallet we choose, to the platforms we display it on, will affect the conversion rate. It can be tricky to come up with an innovative ad message for every campaign and unfortunately, we often rely on overused phrases and cheap clichés. In this article, I will share my top tips to follow when creating an ad message:  

Be different

The ad industry is all about being noticed, which means your ad message must grab the attention of the consumers. However, using a flashy message with “x amount percent off” or  “an unbelievable deal,” isn’t the way to go.

You should also stay clear of questions like “Are you interested in a great deal?” or “Do you want to save a lot of money?” It’s overused and reminds people of spam.

Your message should invoke curiosity and trust. Dare to be different, and make it interesting. Remember that your message isn’t just the words you choose, it’s a combination of the images, fonts, and colors you use. Look at this campaign against global warming; it definitively makes you stop and think:


Keep it short

Humans are impatient creatures when it comes to advertisement. You only have a few milliseconds to catch their eye, so keep your message short and get straight to the point. Edit your drafts and pay particular attention to filler words like just, only, really, actually, simply and very. They make your message wordy, and they don’t add any value.


Avoid clichés (or embrace them)

Clichés are overused ideas or phrases, and unless you master the art of creating compelling ad messages, you should stay away from them. Clichés are boring and predictable. Don’t use phrases that include something about: your brand’s vision, value for money, high-quality service or what’s hot this season.

Read your message out loud. Does it sound familiar? Is everyone in your industry using the same wording, images or colors? Change it up and do something different, or better yet, embrace the clichés and turn them into something humorous like this:

Make it memorable

Most consumers don’t buy something the first time they see an ad. It might be a good idea to retarget them across channels, but even this strategy will be ineffective if they don’t remember your brand.   

That’s why you need to make an impact. Consumers love humor and provocative messages. To create a memorable, successful campaign you need to know what your target audience cares about, and you should stay on top of current events. Nothing creates buzz like a socially relevant, intelligent ad. For example, it will be hard to forget this one from United Colors of Benetton:


Personalize it

It doesn’t matter how clever, different or creative your ad message is if you don’t show it to the right people. Consumers only click on ads that are relevant to them. Therefore, you need to segment your audience and personalize your ads.

Not only will this increase your conversion rate and ROI, it will also strengthen your brand. You will create a stronger relationship with your target audience and be able to nurture them with targeted discounts and promotions.  

Most big brands already do this. Nike, for example, knows that not all of their consumers are athletes, most are ordinary people who face everyday challenges. This ad recognizes just that. The message is short but inspiring and impactful.


Now you should be all set to create a great ad message. Just remember that it usually doesn’t happen on the first or second try. It takes practice and be prepared to go through several drafts before striking gold.

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