This is how you avoid campaign waste

By Per Elling Braseth-Ellingsen 24. October 2017

No one likes wasting money, especially not when our brand has trusted us marketers with money that we could have put to better use. And while it might be unlikely to think that you can eliminate all campaign waste, there are ways to prevent it.

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How to combat banner blindness

By Jørgen Aanonsen 10. October 2017

Spending hours creating banner ads that almost everyone ignores can feel quite frustrating. Yet, we marketers keep doing it, and when views are low, click rates are lesser and conversions practically nonexistent, what do we do? We add a flashy message and switch the position of the ad as if the consumers missed it by accident.

Well, here is the sad truth: although the consumers are suffering from banner blindness, they very purposely ignored your work. So how can you make your work matter? Here are our best tips:  

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Get Personal with Your Ads

By Jelena Schmidt 26. September 2017

Delivering a universal message “to the City and to the World” usually doesn’t get you very far. People who are not your target audience will simply ignore it, while some of those who might have been interested will miss it altogether.

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Help! My ad isn’t converting

By Jørgen Aanonsen 19. September 2017

I like to believe that all marketers do their best to create great ads that will both please and appeal to the consumers. Sure, sometimes we don’t have the time or budget to make exactly what we want, but overall we take pride in the work we do. That’s why it is so devastating when a campaign doesn’t perform.

But fear not, a few adjustments might do the trick. Here are some of the things you should consider if your ad isn’t converting:

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How to Streamline your Workflow

By Jelena Schmidt 12. September 2017

A marketing team can only handle so much within the creative process, before it severely affects their performance. When your workflow becomes too complicated to remember and too costly to maintain, it’s time to optimize. Here is how:

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How to Avoid Creative Platform Pitfalls

By Hoda Amel Abdalla 24. August 2017

People often cringe when introduced to the concept of using a creative platform. They believe that they will have to suffer through yet another mass-production system that limits creative capabilities.

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How advertising technology companies conquer the world beyond advertising

By Kjartan Slette 15. August 2017

Many of the defining global tech companies are built on proprietary graph data, and some of these have in turn used that strong core position to go from advertising technology to “all kinds of”-technology and industries. I will use Unacast’s proprietary graph to show how.

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How to advertise to Chinese tourists

By Nina Nguyen 1. August 2017

135 million Chinese tourists went abroad in 2016 and spent a whopping $261 billion on shopping! This is, in other words, a very important target group, so how can advertisers influence Chinese tourists and enhance their brand awareness?

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What can you really expect from TACTIC Real-time Marketing demo

By Mia Baljak 4. July 2017

The best way to understand how a Creative Management Platform (CMP) works, is to request a demonstration of the system. But what exactly should you expect or demand from such a demo? Here is how we at TACTIC Real-Time Marketing see it:

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Struggling to find a good work-life balance? Use a scheduling engine!

By Fredrik Brostrøm-Hansen 20. June 2017

Does your brand have “always on” marketing campaigns that need to go live at exactly the right time? Does your campaigns start on Sundays or late in the evening? Then a scheduling engine could be just the thing your marketers need: 

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